I like to ask the tough questions that nobody else has the gut(s) to ask. Not all heroes wear capes: some wear radio station swag.

Today's burning question: can I actually eat enough to make my stomach explode?

The answer is, "Yes, but...". You see, the "but" is how we get to 250 words!

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash
It's also where I usually talk from (Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash)

"Yes, but..." it's extremely unlikely and usually not caused by overeating. The more likely cause would be swallowing something corrosive, or something sharp.

The technical term is "gastrointestinal perforation" and it's now also the name of my next Gassy Punkcore band.

"This next ones called Toot LETS OPEN THIS PIT UUUUP! Photo by Vitor Fontes on Unsplash)
"This next one's called Tootshooter LET'S OPEN THIS PIT UUUUP!" (Photo by Vitor Fontes on Unsplash)

Despite the average 'Merican consuming over 3,000 calories this Thanksgiving, that's still not nearly enough to make your stomach explode.

"But what if I eat 3,000 calories-worth of celery?"

First: ew. Second: our bodies (usually) have built-in defenses to avoid Oppenheimer-ing our guts...like barfing.

Photo by Evgeniy Smersh on Unsplash
"Barfing" is also a popular Gassy Punkcore dance (Photo by Evgeniy Smersh on Unsplash)

The walls of our stomachs - unless you have a medical condition - are thick enough to protect us from overeating-induced explosions. You can eat and eat, but you'll hork it back up long before your stomach explodes.

So eat away and try not to barf!

THE TOOTS WILL SET YOU FREEeeeee Photo by Natalie Parham on Unsplash)
THE TOOTS WILL SET YOU FREEeeeee (Photo by Natalie Parham on Unsplash)

That's 250, baby!

H/T: NY Post/Washington Post

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