A doe in Minnesota had a little too much excitement over the weekend when it accidentally stumbled into a shop in Moorhead, Minnesota. But it wasn't just any shop, it was ironically a butcher shop.

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She Said Butcher Shop is locally owned in Moorhead and the owner shared details of the incident after she had to suddenly close shop for a day to clean up the damage done by the deer. On her Facebook page she noted:

This was truly an ordeal and I am really not sure who was more scared at the time me or the deer, but it was a pretty terrifying experience overall. Other than a smashed door, a hole in the wall and a few broken plants, everything else came out unscathed and I am thankful, because it could have been so much worse, not only with damages, but potentially could have seriously hurt someone. I hope that the deer is ok and back telling the story to her friends about the crazy experience she had today escaping the butcher. Wow! What a day.

Here's video from when the deer made it's way into the butcher shop.

Hunters wish their meat would just run into the butcher shop for them like that! Or maybe not, some of it is the thrill of the chase, right? When all was said and done, a few laughs were had by many who saw the Facebook Post from She Said Butcher Shop with Paul H. suggesting,

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new slogan "our meat is so good it delivers itself".

All jokes aside though, many did show their concern and were willing to help with clean up if it was needed, because that's what communities in Minnesota do, help out.

Though the shop was closed on Monday, she is back up running again as of today and will be open normal hours again and she's working on weekly bundle options, take a look:

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