Again, since we are all looking for fun and interesting things to do that are close to home, here is a cool attraction a little over an hour from St. Cloud. It's the oldest home in Minnesota. The home is 200 years old, and totally worth it to drive there and check it out.

The home is called the Sibley House. It's an old stone home that is still standing today.  I feel like maybe they made things a little more sound back then than they do today.  At least in some aspects.

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This house is located a little off the beaten path on a country road in Mendota Heights.  It's location is 1357 Sibley Memorial Highway. If it sounds familiar, well that might be because it was built in 1835 and was the residence for Henry Hastings Sibley.  He was a fur trader, but was also Minnesota's first governor.

Since then, the house has actually been used for several different things such as a Catholic school, an art school and even a place for travelers  to stay.  At one point it was kind of falling apart, but then was restored.  After the restoration project, it was opened to the public as a tourist attraction.  The house is cared for and run by the Minnesota Historical Society.  And there are actually some other homes around the area that you can tour.  Some places just ask you to book ahead of time so they can stagger groups of people touring the homes.

Great time to take some road trips around the area and see what Minnesota has to offer.  I know I didn't realize there were so many things to check out and I've lived here almost my entire life.  Crazy, right?

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