It's been pretty much a rollercoaster this spring as far as the weather goes. It's Spring, nope still Winter, Hey look it's Spring again, etc. etc. etc.

We should all be kind of used to the unpredictable Springs in Minnesota but how soon we forget. The first nice day makes us feel like the Winter crap is over but really, we should know better.  Let's just chalk it up to wishful thinking.

A weatherman from Mankato TV station KEYC put up a pretty funny post on his Facebook page recently. In his 5 day outlook, he stated "in true Minnesota fashion, the weather ranged from upper 30's to close to 80 degrees in a few days."

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With the wind, crazy temp variations, and even some snow it's like we have more than 4 seasons in Minnesota.  In reality, we have Fall, Come on hang on Fall, Winter, FML Winter, Pre Spring, Winter revisited, Spring and then Summer.

Anyway, this is a graphic the meteorologist from Mankato's KEYC News Now manages to even include a hot dish reference. So very Minnesota.


The post has ben shared more than a thousand times. It's great Minnesotans can laugh at the weather here.  We laugh to keep from crying.

I'm really hoping we have a great Summer as far as the weather goes. Stay away cold, rainy and windy days, tornadoes, etc.  I think we deserve a great Summer after the year of nothing we have all endured.

Hopefully, we can all get back to a somewhat normal existence by summertime and put this pandemic crap behind us.

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