Oreo/Nabisco is at it again... Mystery Oreos.  They are also putting up $50,000 if you guess it correctly.  Of course this type of promotion works to sell their cookies as well so big win for them.  But we'll play along.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Adam from Parkwood was in this morning with his weekend movies and we enlisted his help with figuring out what the flavor is.

The consensus between the three of us is that it's possibly cinnamon graham crackers?  Maybe a cinnamon Teddy Graham? Or possibly Golden Grahams??  Remember, they did a cereal theme the last time.  It was Fruity Pebbles.  That cookie was NOT good.  This one is much improved as far as mystery flavors go.

Try them- let us know what you think the flavor is.

I'm sticking with the original, thank you!