There is something crazy about this winter than I've never seen before in Minnesota. Check out this photo of our lake. Yes, those are geese walking on water.

I walked outside this morning and saw the most bizarre thing. It's not abnormal for part of our lakes to be froze with some open water spots. Folks, it's almost the middle of December and the lake has been this way for a week! We've had a couple inches of snow twice this season and most all of it is gone already.

The ground can't cool enough to hold snow cover and the lakes can't cool down enough to freeze over. As you can see in this picture, most lakes are similar or have no ice at all.

What's even crazier is the geese are confused. They're used to finding a place in the river to hang out since it's open water all winter. Check out how they can walk on ice and jump in for a swim out in the middle of the lake. Normally they stay away because there is a fair amount of ice houses around the lake. Not only is the weather confusing to us, but also to the winter foul that stay in Minnesota during the winter.

What do you think is going warming? A fluke warm winter? Explain it to me as I'm completely baffled!

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