Well it was a good streak while it lasted, but sadly Chipotle are in the news once again for some not so great news. Chipotle is informing the world that customers at more than 60 of its fast food restaurants in Minnesota are among hundreds nationwide exposed to possible credit or debit card fraud. Well isn't this just grrrrreeeeaaaaat!

Chipotle released a statement saying that many of it's locations were victims of the malicious software and that the customers’ cards may have been mined for data from March 24th to April 18th. Snatching up customers names, card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes. Ten of the 60 or so Minnesota Chipotle locations are in Minneapolis, but there are dozens around the rest of the state. And yes that does included BOTH of the Chipotle's in St. Cloud.

If any of you Loonatics used your cards at Chipotle during these times, you may wanna keep an eye out any strange activities and report anything suspicious.

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