For the last few years I have been so annoyed during the Spring and Summer months with Asian beetles, or Lady Bugs surrounding the door and outside of houses and other entrances to buildings.  It's like just brush them aside and grumble as you enter said building/house.

But apparently these little buggers do a lot of good!  Figures...  I would dislike and hope that something that is needed would go away... Lady Bugs help plants, in a big way.  And this is why they were released at the Mall of America.  They were released in the Nickelodeon Universe area.  That's the area that has the most plants, and the bugs keep the plants healthy.  I guess that would save some gardener expenses.  Maybe if I would have paid a bit more attention during any horticulture classes I may have had I would have known this stuff and stop being bugged by the bugs.

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The release of the Lady Bugs every year has been a tradition at MOA since the opening in 1992.  Usually there is a group of kids that get to help with this task.  This year one of the groups was the Girl Scouts of America.

Paul Morigi, Getty Images

So next time you are at the Mall of America and a Lady Bug lands on you, just nicely send it on its way.