2020 has to be the most unusual year I've ever experienced in the many years I've been on the planet. It's amazing how much we all took for granted before the pandemic hit.


Simple everyday things we always just did without worrying much about getting sick from a virus. One of those things was going to the polls to cast your vote on election day. This year is different.

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Many people are choosing to vote by mail but many are shying away from the mail in vote due to the current chaos at the USPS.

If you are planning on heading to the polls or you aren't quite sure if it's safe during a pandemic, the state of Minnesota is taking many precautions to help protect use while casting our vote.

The federal CARES act has given the state of Minnesota 8.4 million dollars to protect voters this year. The Secretary of State's office is using the money purchase 50 thousand 3M face masks for the safety of poll workers, There will be 230 thousand disposable masks  for voters, a whopping 8000 gallons of hand sanitizer, 8200 gallons of disinfectant and 6000 sanitation stands for the polling places in Minnesota.

Secretary of State, Steve Simon, who overlooks elections, ensures voter that booths, pens, tables, etc will be sanitized after every use. Masks will be provided for those that don't have on with them.

It's so important we all vote. They say it's the most patriotic thing we can do.

(KARE 11)

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