Finally, as some would say, bars and restaurants are able to open again with some COVID restrictions still in place.  Most businesses opened up yesterday, as they were able to do so.  Some of the restaurants did take to social media to ask their customers to adhere to the restrictions, like make sure you are wearing a mask when you enter, and if you get up from your table to use the restroom, make sure you have just six people to a table, that type of thing.

Some restaurants have said that they will be opening up, but not right away.  And a few restaurants have stated that they will remain closed until they can permanently open again.  Most of those places are breweries that see most of their business during the warmer months anyway.

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Park Diner in Waite Park posted on their social media page that they will open up tomorrow (Wednesday) but they will be open to limited hours.  Apparently they have had some staffing changes, so they will be open for just breakfast and lunch.

Most of the business that they get around there also is from other businesses going for lunch, anyway.  And if you haven't  had their breakfast, you are missing out.  It's got that cool 50s vibe and they serve great mom and pop type food at very reasonable prices.

Many restaurants have posted on their social media pages as to what their expectations are.  It might be a good idea to check that out before heading out. Some places will require call ahead  reservations, and some are walk up reservations.  This is also to make sure they are adhering to the occupancy guidelines.

But right now- make plans to eat out at some of our great local restaurants and bars.


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