I know a lot of people are going to immediately say "No way", but hear me out on this one.

Think about it, every time you pee and you flush the toilet, a lot of water is pretty much wasted. Unfortunately, our planet does not have an unlimited supply of fresh water.

Look at it this way, the average American toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water every time it's flushed. The average adult pees about seven times a day. That adds up to 11.1 gallons of water a day just flushed away. So, that means that if you pee the same amount of times every day you are using over four thousand gallons of water in a year.


With about 320 million people in the country and if we assume they pretty much all pee the same, that's 1.3 trillion gallons in a year. Roughly, that's enough to fill almost 2 million Olympic size swimming pools.

If you peed in the shower once a day and only flushed 6 times instead of 7, you would save almost 580 gallons of water a year. If the entire population peed in the shower just once a day, we would save 185 billion gallons of water annually.

In part due to climate change and people generally wasting fresh water, the Earth's water supply is running incredibly low. Do the planet a favor and just pee in the shower.

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