This is some awesome news.  Doctors are saying that this recovery is nothing short of a miracle.  Landen, the 5 year old boy who was thrown over the balcony from the third floor at the Mall of America has had a miraculous recovery.  After an extensive MRI, they have discovered that he has no brain damage, not even any swelling of the brain.  He does have some broken bones, and some internal bleeding.  But nothing that is life threatening.

The doctors even compared his injuries to someone who had fallen off of their bicycle as opposed to the third floor of a mall.

The pastor at the family's church talked about Landen to the congregation and let them know what was happening.  This is such great news, and there was a video recorded and posted on the church's facebook page.  

There is a gofundme page set up for the little boy and the medical bills that are mounting.  The amount is almost up to a million dollars.

The suspect in the crime is in custody.

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