It's St. Pat's Day and there should be some celebrating going on. Knowing that we can't do things quite as normally as we have been used to in previous years (obviously not last year) there are still some things that are happening around St. Cloud.

Irish rumors

I did some searching and found some fun stuff.  The parades aren't happening, so we look forward to a big blowout next year, but there are still some things around town to get your "Irish" on.

Some of the things that are happening include drink specials, some acoustic music, and food specials.  All centered around the St. Patrick's Day theme.

Pantown Brewery: Just added- chairs AT the bar!  You do need to make reservations for this, but hey, chairs at the bar!!  It's a step in the right direction.  They also have a couple of beer releases just for today.  A Lucky's Lime Kettle Sour and also Wild Thing IPA.

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Old Brick House- They have several things happening today.  There is a brunch special with traditional Irish fare from 11-3. Also a music bar starting at noon.  There are some prize drawings and local musician Dave Lumley from 6-9.  Oh, and bag pipes too.

Midtown Bar- People might forget about this little gem.  So, remember and get over there too!  They are running some food and drink specials too.  They had a fun post on their Facebook page.

But whatever you plan to do. be safe, and remember, things will hopefully get back to more normal next year.  But for this year, this is at least a good start.

Cheers, or as they say Slainte!!

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