Too close to home, there was a needle found in Halloween candy in Brainerd. Now there's news elsewhere about Tootsie Rolls with pills stuffed in them. Double check your kid's candy right now.

It was reported Saturday evening that a needle was found in some Halloween candy in the Brainerd area, according to WJON news. The child was unharmed due to the mother inspecting her candy, something every parent should be doing immediately after trick or treating.

News just in from another area of the country, specifically in California, a mother found 2 unidentified pills stuffed neatly into a tootsie roll candy in her daughter's Halloween candy bag according to AOL News. Once again only found after inspecting her child's candy.

With an incident happening so close to home, it's not worth chancing. Please inspect every piece of candy, hard or soft, twice. Even if your child is 16, check it for them as it's likely they aren't going to check every piece. It's a sad world that we have to do this, but better safe than sorry.