What a great group of people. With first responders, police officers serving the St Cloud area and ,of course vets, what a way to say thank you for your service and all you do for the St Cloud area.

Plowing Vets is a group of great, big hearted people that think that certain people deserve a break when the snow hits. If you are a veteran, first responder, cop, EMS, etc Plowing Vets will come and plow out your driveway ABSOLUTELY FREE of charge.

Right now they do about 75 driveways in the St Cloud area but are willing to add more if you are one of the above. They will also do parking lots for a fair donation that they will use to keep this great organization up and running for our area vets, first responders, police and EMS. You can also make a donation just for the heck of it.

Contact them for more information at


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