I used to be a late-nighter. Back in my bar band days, I could easily stay up until the sun came up...no matter the season. In the summertime I'd usually still be driving back home from a gig at dawn.

I used to could, but now I can't. Yesterday's Question of the Century was easy:

How Late Did YOU Manage to Stay Up Until on New Year's Eve?

The Showoffs:

Jordan was first to answer...and also the last one standing among responses: "Stayed up until 6am"

Sara wasn't THAT insane, but just a little nuts: "4 am"

Jessica was getting a bit more reasonable: "3am" (no word on if she must've been lonely)

Rene was up late but thwarted by the B: "After 3am. Sad part was, they didn't even do a damned countdown on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve... Effin Cardi B performed instead."

The Reasonable:

Mike made it just long enough, and that's what matters: "12[:]30"

Beth wasn't far behind: "12[:]45 am"

Jaclynn: "1am"

Kim and Hannah barely outlasted Jaclynn: "1:30am"

Cheryl's pushing it: "2:00 am"

Jean and Tim were pushing it real good: "2:30ish"

The Relatable:

Full Disclosure: I only made to about 10pm. After we finished binge-watching the rest of Letterkenny, I'd had enough of 2023.

Heather lasted longer than I did: "11:15pm"

I outlasted Daniel and his wife, but they had a valid reason: "9pm both me and my wife were sick" (here's hoping for a speedy recovery!)

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