Scraping ice during a Minnesota winter is an annual tradition we:

  • can't stand
  • can't avoid

Before you go on about parking in your garage...don't. Just let the poors have this.

To be fair: I've used an ice scraper to flip burgers on a grill in July, so it's only fitting that I've used something besides an ice scraper to actually scrape ice off a windshield in January. Today's Question of the Century delved into what other Minnesotans have used in lieu of the real thing. There was a lot of creativity, a couple surprises, and a non-answer for good measure.

What Have You Used to Scrape Your Windshield Instead of an Ice Scraper?

Erica was first with a classic: "Old gift cards"

Susan, Renee, and Jeffrey echoed my answer: "Credit cards".

Jason, Jeremy, and Cory answered with "drivers license"; specifically referring to the old licenses that could handle such a task. The new licenses are definitely too flimsy.

Brian was the first surprise answer: "Cassette cases". Remember having cassette tapes in your car instead of a smartphone or a CD?

Timothy and Jeremiah were slightly more modern than Brian: "CD cases"

Kim and Mandy armed themselves from the kitchen:

  • Mandy: "A metal egg turner"
  • Kim: "Spatula from the kitchen"

Marlys used a comb...back when they were sturdy enough, like a drivers license.

Kimberly went for it: "Plastic shovel"

Bob has me skeptical, but it really could work: "Electrical junction box cover"

Nicole made great use of what's there: "Kids hockey stick that's in the car"

Kali reminded me of my teen life before I had a credit card: "DQ (Dairy Queen) spoons"

Timothy had a few options: "Gift cards, cd jewel case, and random piece of wood that I had in the vehicle for putting behind a tire."

And then there's Kevin: "Florida does not participate in ice scraping games, dontcha kno. Jus Sayin"

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