Well, this is some wild weather for a Wednesday, actually for any day.  We have quite the grouping of weather conditions predicted for the day.

Southern Minnesota could see rain, thunderstorms, and some could potentially be severe.  Like there could be tornados.  That is a whole bunch of crazy weather within a small amount of time.

As the day progresses, a shield of moderate to heavy snow is expected to develop in central and northern parts of the state, leading to accumulations of 3+ inches for many, including enough to warrant a winter storm warning in Duluth and the Northland. 

National Weather Service- Twin Cities
National Weather Service- Twin Cities

The thing is, when we have some snow at this time of year the good thing is that it doesn't last very long.  With the warm, or at least above freezing weather - that is hanging around if it does snow here, it won't stick around.  Fun fact- the sun is actually closer to us during the winter than in the summer.  It's just the tilt of the earth.  And that is also why in the spring the sun seems so much stronger than it does late summer.

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I know there are people who would still like to get out and ski, or snowmobile or whatever winter sport you like.  But on the upside, if there is some snow it's like super nice weather to get out and do those activities.  Sun, relatively warm and some snow- that sounds like a win to me.

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