Earlier today, I ran across this on the internet. A punching bag you can mount on your desk or somewhere at your workplace, to help you deal with stress caused by a coworker.


Most of us might have that certain coworker or boss that adds constant stress to your workday and beyond. We also know that it is always a very bad idea to just haul off and punch a coworker and ,God forbid, your boss.

That's where this stress relief punching bag can come in very handy. Someone stresses you out or just flat out pisses you off, this could be a good remedy.

I think one could take it a step further and sell sleeves to fit over the punching bag with pictures of the person causing you stress. When a certain person is pushing your buttons, just take out the sleeve with that coworkers picture and slip it over the punching bag. You could even keep one of your ex handy.


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