Have I mentioned I’m being stalked? Yes, it’s true and it’s the creepiest thing ever.

He lives in my neighborhood so he’s always lurking around and I've heard from other people that he creeps them out too. I see him hiding behind bushes and peeking out from between buildings when I’m outside of my house.

I've caught him many times pressing his face up against my patio door and staring at us. I yell at him, my dog goes crazy barking at him and we pound on the glass, but he won’t go away. He harasses me and my dog when we go for walks by sneakily following us around the neighborhood. I've turned my outside lights on multiple times to find him simply standing in the middle of my driveway or patio and I’m pretty sure he’s mouthing “F*$#% You.”

There’s no one I can tell or contact. I don’t know for sure where he resides so I can’t go knock on a door and talk to someone about him. I’m pretty certain if I opened my patio door while he was out there, he would walk in and be like, “Ok, I live here now. What of it?”

If I have to sell my house and move because of a cat, I’m going to be pissed.