If you ask me, which no one ever does but I like to give my opinion anyway, facebook has turned into nothing but drama for attention seeking people.

Do you guys have facebook friends like this? They post things like, “This day sucks!” or “Happy f*&#%!ng Birthday to me.” Seriously?! Waa, waa, waa you big old frickin’ baby.

The sad thing is it’s always coming from a grown ass adult too.  And then of course the drama really takes off because people give in to this bullsh*t and start commenting and asking, “What’s wrong” “Is everything ok” and “How can I help?” You can help by not commenting and shutting the hell up.

It always seems the drama queen never responds or comments on their own status either to tell people what the problem might be. They just keep posting more stupid, dramatic crap. Here’s how I would sum it up:

This kind of person is just a needy a**hole who needs facebook to feel validated.

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