Ok, come on. This one is just ridiculous! It’s almost too easy. You know those signs businesses sometimes put out front or alongside the highway or a road? The kind where someone can put the letters on it themselves?

Well, I drove past one yesterday and I don’t remember what the whole thing said because I couldn't get past the first part...RECIEVE A FREE GIFT CARD. Seriously, what? So you’re telling me nobody in this company saw this and said, “Hey, that’s not right. Isn't it RECEIVE?”

For me, I instantly decided this business must be run by a dumbass and I wouldn't even think about going to this place. Or when you get a really important email or letter from someone and the first sentence has a misspelling? Instant dumbass, right?

I think with facebook it’s become ok to type quickly and have misspellings and everyone just accepts it. I always tell people, “Just do a quick scan before you hit the post button.” And what’s their response? “Oh, you know what I mean.” Umm, don’t know what you mean but I think I know what you are…