As someone who’s a borderline, compulsive hand-washer, one of the things that grosses me out the most is when people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. Especially with the flu and sicknesses everywhere and germs being spread easily from person to person, hand washing is a simple way to stay healthy.

And you would think when someone is in the same restroom as you; a person would at least humor you a little and attempt to show you that they wash their hands. I've learned that’s not the case and instead people use something called the Splash and Dash. A little splash of water, of course no soap is used because that would be absurd, and they’re out the door.

I was in a public bathroom recently where I witnessed this and the words, “Time for lunch” were being said as the splash and dash was taking place. Nothing much I could do except, shoot them a disgusted look, gag and throw up a little.