Does anyone else hate whistling as much as I do? When you hear someone whistle, does it make you want to dig a shallow grave or is it just me?

Over the summer, I had to travel for work for a couple weeks to another office. Once I got there, I met a few people, set-up my computer in a temporary office and got settled. The guy in the office across from me came over, introduced himself and we chatted for a bit before I started working. As he walked away I thought to myself, “What a nice, friendly guy.” Those thoughts went away soon.

So probably about an hour into my day…you guessed it, he starts whistling. It’s a high-pitched, shrill whistle that maybe only dogs and I could hear, but it was bad and annoying. I wanted to die.

Of course if I would have been in my normal, everyday office and not out of town, I wouldn't have a problem telling my co-workers, “Shut the @$&# up!” They usually respond with, “Screw off Krissy Krabtree, you a**hole!” But at the same time, they know enough to stop whistling. Unfortunately, with this guy, there wasn't much I could do.

Needless to say, by the end of the two weeks, I went from thinking, “What a nice guy” to “Who’s got a shovel?”

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