I started a mentorship program over the summer and I actually had someone apply and get accepted into the program. She’s my only mentee at this time, but honestly, I couldn't even believe I got one.

I've basically been showing her independence, how to stand up for herself and I try to teach her one new thing every day. My motto is “No one likes a Dumbass”. She was soon ready to be released from my mentorship…until now.

She told me the story about how over the weekend, she decided to go out with her friends. While walking down the street, she’s so busy talking and I’m guessing walking around with her head up her ass, that she walks straight into a lamp post and *slam* smashes her cheek into it. Really?

So she’s telling me this on Monday with a huge bruise on her cheek and the disappointment as her mentor sets in. I hand her my “No one likes a Dumbass” t-shirt, which she must wear for the day and give her the paperwork to start the Fall mentorship program. It’s clearly back to square one.