Do you guys have something like this at your work? A place where you can put anything and within minutes, someone will come in and eat it or take it?

I do and it’s a table in our lunch area and you can put anything…and I mean anything on it and someone will either eat it or take it home.

I recently dropped some sticky popcorn on the floor and picked it up with a napkin and set it on this table. I left the room for maybe 5 minutes to go help someone and when I came back, the napkin was still on the table but the food was gone. WTF people?! Is it possible to go five minutes without shoving something in your mouth? I don’t even feel sorry for the person who ate. Who just picks something up from a random napkin and eats it without knowing where it came from? Since it was sticky, I’m assuming (actually I'm hoping) it had dirt and maybe bugs or whatever else is on a disgusting cafeteria floor all over it.

I need to start experimenting and see what else I can get people to eat. Next up…dog sh*t.