So you like IKEA furniture?  I'll be honest with you... I have never been to IKEA.  I know it's right by the Mall of America, I drive right past it, but I have never stopped.  Am I missing out?  I'm not sure.  Mixed reviews from everyone that I know. The furniture is super hard to put together, you end of with extra pieces, but it's cheap, right?  Or, is it too expensive when you have to do everything yourself?  AND I guess it's hard to find your way out.  WHAT?  Yeah, apparently you need to follow arrows on the floor?  Is this even true?  I need to check out this place.  With that said, this might be the reason to do just that.

Friends Reunion Not Happening Marta Kauffman

Fan of Friends?  Simpsons?  Stranger Things?  These are all sort of famous living room looks that you can now recreate using IKEA furniture.  Cool, right?


Hey, it's worth a try... I'd like a Friends living room.  It always looked so cozy.

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