I can't even believe this has to be discussed. But, it seems, some people are actually washing and reusing condoms. Yeah, I know, how cheap and/or stupid can a person be?

When used correctly, condoms are highly effective at preventing pregnancy and the transmission of STD's.

Considering that half the high schools in the U.S. faile to meet the Center for Disease Control's requirement for sex education, it's not a big surprise this has to be talked about.

According to a report published by the Center for Disease Control, about a third of us use condoms and many are not doing it correctly. Evidently, researchers underestimated how complicated condom use could be after finding up to 3.5% of people were reusing condoms. Pretty gross. right?


Reusing condoms can lead to weakened latex that could lead to tearing and up your chances of pregnancy and contracting a STD.

STD's are on the rise, so it is very important that people use condoms correctly.

Be aware of expiration dates on condoms and never use more than one at a time. Really?  Also, refrain from storing a condom in your wallet. Ha, remember the ring it would make in your wallet? We used to cal that the "Ring of Hope".

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