This is one of the cooler stories I've seen in a minute.  When convicts are released on parole sometimes it can be difficult to get back into the swing of the free world.  Like finding a job, a place to live, and maybe even learn a trade.

All Square logo Minneapolis MN

In comes a restaurant with a purpose.  All Square in Minneapolis employs parolees. This gives them a chance to begin again, plus in the basement of the restaurant there is a classroom of sorts.  It's a training room for business and entrepreneurs.  This helps people that are "All Square" with society.  They are able to re-enter working society with no real judgement, and hopefully learn a trade or a skill that will take them onto living a life outside of prison and outside of the crime they committed in the first place.

Founder, Emily Turner says that she had quite a few applicants and had to whittle down to the applicants she thought would work out best.  It was a tough task.

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So, stop in if you are in the Minnehaha Avenue area, and check out this restaurant.  Oh, and did I mention, the grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious too!