Over the weekend, Eddie Van Halen celebrated his 65th birthday.  Eddie has a lot to celebrate. Not just turning 65 but also maintaining his icon status for over 40 years and, of course, being born with talent that would support himself and family rather nicely.

I've had the opportunity to see Eddie play several times and he never disappoints. Self taught and a hardheaded (according to a couple of lead singers) leader of the Van Halen band.


Probably, the most memorable encounter was when I escorted some listeners to a Van Halen soundcheck. About 20 fans total, got to witness the band do their soundcheck before that night's show.


This picture was taken backstage at a VH show in the early 90's.  When people ask me what happened to my hair, sometimes I blame it on Eddie flicking his ashes in my hair while we were posing for this picture.

There have been rumors concerning Eddie's health. I really hope Eddie is staying healthy and able to play for a long time.

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