It seems like there are two bands from back in the day that have been everywhere lately - Fleetwood Mac and Guns-N-Roses. As I’ve already shed some spotlight on Fleetwood Mac in a previous episode of Rock Talk, it’s time to give some time to my boys in Guns-N-Roses.

There are very few bands who are as energetic and passionate as these guys. From show one, I think they were destined for greatness. Axl Rose and Slash have always been one of the great duos in rock history (even if there was some bad blood there for a while.)

Although those two have a tendency to take up all of the spotlight in the band, the other members deserve to have their stories told as well. In this episode of Rock Talk I talk about what the members (past and present) of the band have been up to lately, and what their plans for the future are.


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