One of the first things that I learned about Minnesotans when I moved here a couple of years ago, is that almost all of you are Prince fanatics. And it’s easy to understand why. The guy was crazy talented.

Not only was he a great singer/songwriter, but he was also a multi-instrumentalist, and frequently played all of the instruments on his recordings. I’m pretty sure the only other people in history to do that are Phil Collins and Dave Grohl. It’s a pretty exclusive club. Like most people, I remember the day Prince sadly passed away.

I was never a big fan of his style, but I saw what his music meant to people (especially Minnesotans) and that was nothing short of inspiring. Even after his passing, things in the land of Prince continue moving forward, from his families legal battles to his unreleased music. Check out this episode of Rock Talk to see what’s been going on with it all.

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