SARTELL (WJON News) -- Another new member of the Sartell Police force is expected to be approved at Monday's city council meeting.

Kimber is a Belgian Malinois that will be trained as a therapy dog for children and crime victims...

When we have a traumatic incident, and especially with children, or really any crime victims to be able to calm the situation a little bit.  When we are trying to do the law enforcement part of it and keep the community safe, (it will be good) having this K9 and handler to be able to respond and even break down some barriers for those victims of trauma.

Police Chief Brandon Silgjord says the dog and all of its training are being donated by the Soldier's 6 Organization. The squad car equipment will be paid for through vehicle forfeiture dollars.

The chief says the value of the dog and all of the training exceeds $20,000.

He expects Kimber will also be used for community engagement and in the schools.

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