A new school year starts today for students and teachers across Central Minnesota. Also starting a new school year are the hundreds of bus drivers making sure kids get where they need to be safely. The Sartell Police Department shared a reminder on their Facebook page:

Please be aware that school begins today. That means traffic delays and a lot more pedestrian traffic as well, so keep your speeds down and watch out for others at pedestrian crossings.

We will have additional officers out over the next few days to ensure the safety of both the pedestrians and the motoring public during school hours.

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Along with their written reminder, they shared a photo detailing when motorists are required to stop for a school bus with flashing lights.

When traveling a two-lane road, or multi-lane road that is paved across motorists traveling in both directions must stop for the bus to let kids on or off. If traveling a divided highway with a barrier the vehicles behind the bus must stop and not pass.

Give buses and kids this school year ample room on the roads. The extra few seconds it takes for them to get on and off the bus won't ruin your day, let's all make sure we are keeping our kids and bus drivers safe this school year. Welcome back to school central Minnesota!

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