There's nothing wrong with having a favorite angle to be photographed from. Today's Pet of the Week from Tri-County Humane Society has his favorite: his backside.

Meet Hefus (pronounced HAY-fuss)! Hefus is a neutered 4-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Mix who used to work on a hobby farm until his family had a life change. He prefers quiet, gentle people. Small children who don't understand personal space (so, 99.9% of small children) stress him out and are not a good fit. He's shy and prefers his space. His previous family said he's happiest when running around outdoors. Hefus is also potty-trained and knows how to heel & sit. With some TLC you'll have a lovable buddy for life!

Hefus (via Tri-County Humane Society)
Butt Pose #1 from Hefus (via Tri-County Humane Society)
Hefus (via Tri-County Humane Society)
Hefus! (via Tri-County Humane Society)


Tri-County Humane Society wants you and your new family member to succeed, so they've teamed up with GoodPup to provide a customizable, affordable, and positive dog training program that you both can work on from home!

For Pets' Sake!

Thursdays through Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm, For Pets' Sake Thrift is open next to the animal shelter! Get gently used collars, pet beds, leashes, apparel, and accessories, with all profits staying to take care of the residents!

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Book Buddies Reading Program

Pets love to be read to. If you have a kiddo (age 5-15 years preferred) in your household who would LOVE to read to a shelter resident, then the Book Buddies program is for you (them)! Pets don't care about mispronounced words, and it's beneficial for both the kiddo (who gets practice reading aloud) and the resident, as shelter life can be stressful.

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