When I graduated from SCSU, finding a job was the first thing myself and everyone else was thinking about... and how to pay off those student loans. And the biggest thing was trying to look your best, and make sure your resume' and cover letter was showing the best profile for getting an interview and landing the great paying job.

Job Interview

Those days, for the most part, are going away.  Introducing the new Artificial Intelligence way of hiring.  Great, so now a computer will decide.. based on facial features and expressions if you are a good hire or not.

Here' the deal:

Apparently this is going to be used more and more in the future.  But, there is some hope... colleges are going to start to have classes on how to get the best result from HireVue.

But still, that human interaction is still the best.  At least I think it is...

Here's to the future!

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