"The Night He Came Home" - a movie tagline no one in their 40's will ever forget. Listen this week for your chance to see the original 1978 release of John Carpenter's Halloween on the big screen at Midnight on Halloween.

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Listen to SLOAN and Jenna all week long for your chance to see the Midnight (12:01am 11/1) showing of the original digitally remastered horror masterpiece on Halloween night. When you win, you and a friend will get on the VIP list for free entry into the show.

It's considered a horror masterpiece, and has spawned one of the most recognizable villains, soundtracks and movie posters of all time. Director and master of horror, John Carpenter (The Thing, Prince Of Darkness, Christine) took fear and classic horror to a new level in 1978 when he introduced us to Michael Myers, the escaped mental institution patient with a grisly past and a twisted vendetta. The perfectly cast thriller is played out in a town that could be yours 15 years after a 6 year-old boy commits the shocking murder of his sister. Michael escapes the care of Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence) and returns to his old neighborhood to replay his sinister past, all while wearing a William Shatner mask and wielding a butcher knife.

'Celebrate' the return of Michael Myers to the big screen at Parkwood Cinemas with us just after Midnight (12:01am) on Halloween!


The re-release in theatres of this movie is part of a month long series of classic horror films the Parkwood has been showing. All this week for only $5, you can catch Plan 9 from Outer Space 3D and Rosemary's Baby at various showtimes.