Concerts.  It seems that almost everyone is doing a tour in 2020.  People and bands that you probably haven't see touring in quite awhile.  Also- bands that have continued to tour throughout their very long career... like the Rolling Stones.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

I often wonder how in the world these guys can continue to do what they do, living the life that they have lived while we see "regular" people hardly able to walk at their age?  Maybe this is part of the reason...

The study was headed by behavioral scientist Patrick Fagan at Goldsmith’s University. The researchers found that if a person attends a concert – or a gig as they call it – once every two weeks, that it only takes around twenty minutes at the event to increase their well-being by a whopping 21%! This is a significantly larger number than doing yoga or walking your dog, which are cited at 10% and 7% retrospectively. (1)

If that wasn’t impressive enough, here’s the real deal: regularly attending concerts can increase your lifespan by a staggering nine years!

Well, that might be the answer!!  I can go along with this.  I mean, why not?  They are fun to go to, you generally have a great time listening to and seeing a band that you enjoy, otherwise you wouldn't be there, right?  So, with all of the great live shows and concerts going on this year... and a lot of outdoor festivals in Central and Northern Minnesota, get out and see a show!  Listen to win tickets to many of these shows right here on the Loon.

Rock on!

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