It's been about three or so weeks since Bob Seger confirmed that a North American jaunt would kick off in March.

News that is beyond amazing: a true classic rock icon who could fill 3+ hours of hits easily and who wouldn't be going out unless he sincerely believed he could deliver them in fine fashion.

That being said, I'm all for suspense and intrigue, but unlike most artists, he opting not to throw up the who shebang all at once.

His web site has tallied, over a three week period, a total of SIX dates.

Michigan (his home state), Ohio and New York have all been covered, but nothing beyond.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all concerned about a MN date: he never misses us (just really, really hoping he does the X in St. Paul and NOT the Target Center again).

I guess I'm just anxious as I've never seen Seger live. I grew up enamored with Live Bullet, his kickin' 1976 album recorded live in Detroit (to hear one of the most slammin' live performances ever, skip to the end and check out his mash-up of Chuck Berry's Let It Rock). 

In the six or so years following, his catalogue blossomed beautifully: not quite the grand landscape of Mr. Springsteen's, but without question the soundtrack of small, midwestern taverns.

He's one of the very few artists whose slow ballads I prefer over his faster paced material.

A two-night stand at said Xcel Energy Center would be ideal. Either way I'm going but it does leave me pondering: after that, who's left on my rock artists bucket list?

So far, what artist haven't you seen live that you're still hoping for a crack at?