Days in-which I'm brain-deader than usual can be fun. This morning was a classic example of that.

Instead of the usual "Question of the Century", I decided to encourage listeners to have some semi-dirty fun.

The Loonatics Did Not Disappoint!

Some songs are perfectly PG without the extra "enhancement" at the end. Others are very risqué on their own. But all that matters is that they end with, " my pants"!

Doug was first: "Thunder Rolls - in my pants"

Carrie went straight to my heart: "Fat Bottom Girls in my pants" and "Dancing in the Dark in my pants"

Jesseca nailed it: "Wish You Were Here in my pants"

Kelly was more forlorn: "Nothing Compares [2 U] in my pants"

Tana was realistic: "Sad But True in my pants"

Mark and Cory both went ballistic: "Eruption in my pants"

Justin took us on a journey: "Stairway to Heaven in my pants"

Sue was feeling it: "Under Pressure [in my pants]"

Beth went full WTF: "[Me and You and] A Dog Named Boo in my pants"

Brian might be hung...over. Hungover: "Hair of the Dog my pants"

Kyle needs a machete: "Welcome to the Jungle in my pants"

Mark shopped local: "Purple Rain in my pants"

Justin came back with a classic that's right to the...point: "My ding a ling in my pants"

Even Baxter couldn't resist chiming in: "Godzilla in my pants"

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Of course I had to weigh in. My favorites:

"Have You Ever Seen the my pants?"

"Too Much Time On My my pants"

"Once Bitten, Twice my pants"

What did we miss?

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