Personally, I see no reason why not.  I tend to get a bit irritated with government always trying to save us from ourselves. We all know people bet on sports all the time. A friendly wager, here are there, happens all the time.

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Yesterday morning Sen. Karla Bigham and Rep. Pat Garofalo held a Zoom meeting to discuss their planned legislation on legalizing sports betting. The Supreme Court removed the federal ban on sports betting back in 2019.

Governor Walz seems to be behind legalizing sports betting in Minnesota. In support of tribal casinos, Walz want to see sports betting done through existing tribal casinos which already have contracts for legal casino games with Minnesota.

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Right now, there are 25 states and Washington, DC that allow legal wagering in some one form or another and many other states are ready to follow suit. Currently, Minnesota only has the state lottery and tribal casinos for the gamblers.

Tribes that have casinos are not exactly onboard with legalized sports betting. In fact, they've been pretty vocal about it.

Back in 2019, John McCarthy, the executive director of the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association, Stated "[Gambling] is the only successful economic development tool the tribes have ever had."

There is concern among the tribal casinos that allowing sports betting on mobile devices could spur wider gambling on the net and threaten tribal casino business.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.  My guess is it will pass in some form but will be watered down like, you know, government likes to do.


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