In a nutshell, this seems like a case where the student didn't realize what the school policy was, and the school didn't remind her of her financial responsibility and what the repercussions would be if they were not met.


Sophomore, Maria Heltne, a student from Wisconsin, started SCSU and lived in housing that was owned by the university.  She, like many other students, had some roommate trouble.  This happens.  So, she complained to the residential office and they allowed her to move out before the end of the semester.  The RA did a normal check out and everything was clean.

Heltne thought she could just transfer and everything would be fine.  But it seems that the school wants the bill paid before they will transfer her transcripts.  This is a common practice.  If you owe the school money, they will hold what they have leverage over until the bill is paid.

It sounds like the students isn't debating the bill (it's like breaking a lease) it's more like she doesn't think one has anything to do with the other, and now she's missed the transfer deadline for Fall semester in Eau Claire.

In my opinion, this is why you always need to read everything.  I went to SCSU and graduated in the early 90s.  This was still the same practice then.  If students owed anything even at graduation, they would withhold a diploma.  You have to pay the agreed upon bills.  This isn't new.


What are your thoughts?

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