It's hard to know what is factual and what is not on social media. There are so many not quite factual posts on social media and some that are totally bulls**t.  What do you believe?

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Yesterday, Twitter fact checked a couple of tweets by the president. One, in particular, was about Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe program.  The tweet alluded to maybe Scarborough had something to do with the death of a woman that worked for him almost 20 years ago.

This woman supposedly had a heart defect and was found dead in Scarborough's Congressional offices.  Joe wasn't even in town that week. So, the chance that he had anything to do with her death is a long shot.

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Twitter fact checked this tweet and now the president is threatening to shut down all the social media platforms.  Personally, I don't see the problem. Why would anyone protest being fact checked?  Fact checking would be to everyone's benefit.  People, no matter who, should not be able to post things that are blatantly untrue, right?

Then there is the Russian bot problem. I see things on Facebook that I know are not the truth. How many people don't know they are bull and actually repeat or share them?  Thus, more false information out there. It's got to stop somewhere.

I, for one, applaud Facebook and Twitter for fact checking. It's about time.  I think the fact checking should also be happening on the cable news channels.  All of them.

Lies are truth and the truth is a lies. This is not a good path.

(Disclaimer) This is not an anti-Trump article.  More of an anti-bull article.




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