People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of being healthy. And that includes knowing that a balanced diet is a key component for a healthy lifestyle. So, should St. Cloud think about putting up some "healthy" drive-thru restaurants for those trying to watch their calorie intake? Let us know!

It's so easy to make the wrong decisions when it comes to food. Sometimes it's impossible to make a home-cooked meal for all three of our daily meals. So, people end up going through fast food drive-thrus - and we all know deep fried foods are not good for us. So, why not invest in a healthy drive-thru option? This idea is starting to spread like wildfire throughout different regions of the US, and I for one think it's a great idea!

These "healthy" fast food restaurants offer fresh salads, fruits and vegetables. Even natural sandwiches, smoothies and wraps. These things are what I look for in my standard meal, and I think it would be amazing if there were more options for (fast) healthy eating in St. Cloud! Do you agree with me? Take the poll!