Being a dog lover, I find it unbelievable that someone could do such a hideous thing to a dog, or any animal. Nothing has a bigger heart than a dog.

Tuesday afternoon local authorities were notified about a video on Facebook that showed someone shooting a dog. The dog was laying in the snow wearing a collar and leash.

The video on Facebook shows someone shooting the dog, then kicking snow on it. There were names attached to the post on Facebook and authorities followed up.

There were reports that the 20 year old and his 18 year old sister from Wadena were angry with the dog after it "snipped" at a family member. After beating the dog with a golf club, it was shot twice. Laughing can be heard on the video during the assault. This all took place at a campground near Staples.


A family member, who requested not to be identified, said the siblings needed to be held accountable. Quote "They have manged to evade discipline their entire lives. I'm worried what will happen next. This was cold-hearted, a thrill for them, with no regard for life".

I will be very pissed off if these two get probation. I want years of hard jail time and I consider that getting off easily.

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