Now I know this goes against everything that we have heard about in the past.  We all have heard about the problems with the dog causing problems with hair, aggravates asthma, and allergies...possibly.  So now, with this new study.... who's right?  


I think it depends on the type of pet.  I personally have a non-shedding dog.  By the way, this is awesome.  I love all dogs, but the non-shedding type is the way to go.  I grew up with bigger dogs that shed a lot of hair- it was everywhere, they drooled, and would have the not always pleasant doggie smell.  Like wash your hands directly after touching.

PHOTO: laura Bradshaw

Now, I have this little dog.  He's only 10 pounds... and he's 16.  So, time with him is very limited at this point, but he does sleep with us quite often.  Not always, but often enough.  It's nice having a warm creature there... he's cuddly too.  He has his own pillow and blanket between myself and my husband.  It's kind of cute. He just curls up and lights out.

 According to this article, it's healthy to sleep with your dog. They are warm. the breathing can be a source of comfort, and possibly help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep.  Unless you have the snoring type of dog... I don't.  But I hear that can be an issue.  So, if you don't have allergies, or other issues, let Fido curl up next to you at night.  You might be a happier, more rested person.