There have been a lot of things that have been bad during this pandemic.  There has been the loss of income for many, the possible loss of a business, loss of social gatherings, hugs,  dates,  and just a huge list of other things.  It's bad.

Minnesota Sledding

But one of the things that has happened because of distance learning for school kids is this... we know that we can do this.  It might not be the way people want to attend school on a regular basis, but it's something that after the pandemic is over (and let's hope that is sooner than later) we know we can do.

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What does this mean?  Basically it means that we may no longer have the need for a "snow day" here in Minnesota.  That  is because normally a snow day would have been used because of inclement weather.  Kids either couldn't get to school because the roads weren't plowed, or it was just flat out too risky to have kids out in busses or  otherwise.  Whatever the deal, snowy, cold days would mean no school= snow day.

This, as a kid is something you would look forward to.  It was 'YAY, NO SCHOOL!"  But now, that whole thing may have been derailed.  We have the technology, it's going to be used.  The down side of the snow day was that sometimes, depending on  how many there were, school would have to go a bit longer at the end of the year to make it up. That wasn't great but generally it could be made up during the school year.

The pandemic.   Some good, some bad.  And this one could be one of each depending on who you are.

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