Right.  There is no way this is going to happen.  Plus, this chick kept changing her story.  She says that she was doing the dishes, she slipped and accidentally stabbed her husband.  Then she said she was slicing pizza while holding the dog.  She noticed that he had pooped, she went to clean it up, still holding the knife.  (yeah, right) She slipped in the dog poo and stabbed her husband.

Lakeland, Florida PD Mug Shot

First, she keeps changing the story.  Secondly, there is no way this happened this way.  Normally I'd want to give her at least some props for creativity, but this story is so crazy that I can't even do that.  This is just stupid.

Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

For the dumb story telling she should be propped up on jail anyway.  Oh, and she had a few other explanations, none of which made sense.  So she was arrested and booked on a murder charge.


I'm guessing that she and her husband were having issues.  And if that is true, no one is that "lucky" that they trip and fall and their estranged spouse winds up on the losing end of whatever "weapon" you may have in your hand.