It's apple season. One of my  favorite seasons.  I love Fall, anyway.  And when you add in some delicious apples, I'm all in!


I love the smell, taste and just the feeling of apple orchards.  And there are about 117 Minnesota grown orchards.  So, that covers just about any type of apple you could want.  My favorites are the Honeycrisp, and the latest apple that they introduced just a couple of years ago, the First Kiss.  By the way, that same apple is called a "RAVE" when it's outside of Minnesota.

Of course, the one that almost everyone knows about and is one of the favorites is the Honeycrisp.  Much like the First Kiss.  When I was a kid, I barely knew that there were different types of apples.  I just thought there was the Washington Delicious and the Granny Smiths and that was it.  Then came along the Jonathan Apples.  That  one is a bit sweet too, and I always knew  which ones they were because I seem to remember the slight pinkish color on the rim when you would bite into it.  Yummy!

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Some people say they don't like apples.  I just don't understand that one, when there are so many different types.  "You mean, all apples?" And there are so many ways to prepare apples too... and all of them seem to coincide with Fall and comfort food.  One thing I haven't tried is a baked apple.  Not sure about that thing.  Sounds mushy.

But anyway, it's Apple Orchard season.  Take a look at all of the orchards you can visit in Minnesota.  Great family fun... with social distance. You know, COVID friendly.

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