When I read that some people in Minnesota are doing this, and it's becoming a problem I was like "C'mon!  Who would do that"??

Unsplash.com pan xiaozhen @zhenhappy
Unsplash.com pan xiaozhen @zhenhappy

The city of Crystal, MN is telling it's residents to stop flushing mop heads down the toilet.  REALLY??  Who would flush a mop head down the toilet?? And why?  I mean, I get needing to change it from time to time, but throw it away, don't flush it down the toilet. That just seems completely idiotic.  And it is.

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According to Bring Me The News, this has become such an issue that it's clogging up the sewer system.  The city of Crystal posted the plea on their Facebook page.

I mean, really... doesn't this sound like something that we should all know automatically?  If you have a dirty mop, or one that needs to be replaces and you have the option to either throw it away in the trash or to flush it down the toilet, why would you pick toilet?  First of all, just looking at the thing gives the idea that it should probably go in the trash because what gives you the idea that it isn't going to clog your toilet?  That's just getting it through that part. Then not clogging the city sewer system is another issue. And here's the thing... it's obviously not just one person, it's apparently several in order to cause this much of an issue.  C'mon people, think about it... common sense is not necessarily common, apparently.

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